Tajima CNV-100LT 1/10-Gallon Convoy Lite Feather Weight Caulk Gun

Tajima CNV-100LT 1/10-Gallon Convoy Lite Feather Weight Caulk Gun

* Ultra light - 37 Percent less weight than other guns
* Hassle-free reloading
* Positive control
* Smooth twin thrust friction feed flow control
* Auto flow stop

Tajima CNV-100LT Ultra Light 10 Oz. Caulk Gun. Ultra-light caulking gun, 37% less weight than comparable-sized guns. Unique barrel removes with a twist for fast and easy tube-changes. Full release of the handle automatically disengages plunger, stops flow. Barrel access ports allow tube / nozzle angle rotation to match surface. Ladder hook and eyelet to attach to a safety strap

I use a lot of silicone cartridges for my hobby and in home repairs, but hated the heavy and clunky caulking guns which haven't changed in design since invented by the Romans. Not only did they hurt my hand, but they'd drip and were difficult to change cartridges. My last one would waste about 1/3 of the silicone as well. How it escaped I don't know, but I uploaded a comparison pic.

This Hand Caulking Guns is a dream to use. It's lightweight, but the plastic seems tough and the build quality good. No more drips and it's comfortable in my hand. Changing tubes is also a snap - just twist off the barrel and reload. I can't think of anything I don't like about it, frankly. If it breaks or jams up on me I'll update my review, but so far so good. I recommend it for the average homeowner.

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