Homax 4610 Pneumatic ll Spray Texture Gun

Homax 4610 Pneumatic ll Spray Texture Gun

 Homax, Pneumatic II Spray Texture Gun, Capable of Texturing An Entire House, Yet Also Ideal For Smaller Patch and Repair Tasks, Lightweight, But Impressively Durable, Operates On Small Compressors, Sprays a Variety of Patterns and Texture Materials, Homax Premixed Textures Snap Directly Onto Gun, Air Compressor (3/4 HP Or Larger) and HVLP Compatible (80 CFM Or Larger), For Spray and Ceiling Textures Refer To True Value #458-059 and #458-067.

This versatile texture gun is capable of texturing an entire house, yet is also ideal for smaller remodels and small patch and repair tasks. Lightweight, but impressively durable, it operates on small compressors and has the advantage of being HVLP compatible.

Homax 4610 Pneumatic ll Spray Texture Gun Reviews :
A great little Hand Caulking Guns  with a great little price. I was going to buy the Wagner PowerTex, but I found this little gem. I was a little skeptical of a gun that only cost about 50 bucks, but as it turns out, it worked great. I didnt buy the homax powder, but mixed my own texture. I used the USG Spray Texture QT Medium Poly (cottage cheese finish). I mixed it with 4.5 gallons of water with a mud mixing wand.
I had to practice a little on an old scrap piece of drywall a few times. I tested the psi on my compressor, nozzle adjustments, and spacing from the drywall to the gun tip. I would practice and then scrape it off with a 12 inch knife, then try again. I ended up using the 3C setting with about 40 psi and it worked fine. The spray was a little messy at first, but after turning up the psi to 40 it sprayed "cleaner". Cleanup was easy and I got about 3 rooms done in a few hours. Word to the wise, don't fill the hopper up all the way because when you tilt it to shoot the ceiling it will spill on your head. A good little sprayer considering it was going to cost me $45 to rent a sprayer at the local rental store and I got it for a few dollars more. I used mine on my finished basement and it worked out great. I recommend it to any DIY'er!

Reviews :
I am very happy with this product. It was very easy to use and cleanup was simple. As long as you keep the buildup wiped away while in use it does a fantastic job.

I found this spray gun really easy to use. I like that it sets up and cleans up so easily. It took about five minutes of practice and tinkering before I found the right setting for what I wanted to do. I did find that I needed to up the pressure from my compressor to 40-45psi from the recommended 30-35psi. The premixed texture worked fine but make sure to keep it moving into the gun. I had to keep shaking it down, especially when tilting the gun up towards the top of the wall. I didn't like the cheap plasticy construction of the gun but it worked well. Funny thing is it's hard to find a store that sells both the gun and the texture bottles. It took me a while to find both. Overall, well worth the $32 I paid for it at Home Depot.

Reviews :
I'm writing this review because I did not see any here at amazon. I think this is an excellent texture Hand Caulking Guns . It's light and the optional 3 liter hopper can has a lid. That'll be very useful when you're doing ceilings, especially vaulted ones where you have to keep your other hand on the ladder.

I did not use my 3 liter hopper can on my latest project. I ended up getting the pre-mixed mud jugs for one of my rooms that had to be finished at the time. It did not clog on me using their pre-mixed texture mud.

Anyway, this thing was a blast to use. I sure am looking forward to using this thing again on the other rooms, though I'd probably mix my own mud when the time comes (its a lot cheaper). Taping sucked. Sanding sucks. But using this gun to texture was quite fun. Cleaning was easy too, just run it through water while using a brush and you're all set.

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