Newborn Brothers 250 1/10-Gallon Super Smooth Rod Caulk Gun

  • Professional-grade high-thrust ratio caulk gun
  • 18:1 thrust ratio
  • Revolving barrel
  • Zinc alloy handle
  • Includes ladder hook

The Newborn Brothers 1/10-gallon super smooth rod caulk gun is a professional-grade high-thrust model for use with any sealant or adhesive. The gun features a revolving barrel, a zinc alloy handle, a ladder hook for added ease of use, a thumb release, an all steel construction for added durability, and a thrust ratio of 18:1 for easy extrusion of heavy viscosity caulk and sealant.

Newborn Brothers 250 1/10-Gallon Super Smooth Rod Caulk Gun Reviews:
I hadn't bought a caulk gun in about 30 years, and didn't realize there as anything new in caulk gun technology, but this beats the heck out of my old cheap gun. Like it says, it'll cut off the tip of the caulk tube, and there's a long pin to pierce the seal. This means you won't find yourself on the top of a 24-foot ladder realizing you forgot to bring a long nail or utility knife with you.
The handle is easy to squeeze, and won't wear out your hand quickly. The caulk stops flowing when you stop squeezing. You can also rotate the barrel (and thus the tube of caulk), which is handy if you like to cut the spout at an angle.
It's all very solid metal, so it's not likely to be damaged if you step on it or drop it from the roof. Even if you only use a caulk gun a couple times a year, I think this is worth the additional money, because it's much more pleasant to use than a $3 standard gun.

I use a caulking gun almost everyday and have owned several over the years. This caulking gun pushes the caulk out of the tube with very little effort. It is very well constructed--precise construction, tight tolerances. Their is no slop in the push rod which slides smother than any other that I have ever seen or used. The caulk gun is worth the extra money. I would recommend this over any others.
Wondered if this caulking gun could be that much better than the cheap versions I've owned previously- without a doubt, it is. Solid construction, and control is precise. Have a lot of painting to do and this will make the job much easier.

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