Dripless Inc. ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulk Gun

The model No. ETS2000 is engineered to provide superior performance due to its many enhanced features including a precision cutter with a viewing port to check the angle of the cut, an extra long clean out rod that snaps in place when not in use, and a ro

Dripless Inc. ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulk Gun Reviews :
I've never caulked before, so I don't know how this compares to other caulk guns, but this one was easy to use, light weight, and has very little drip. It does make you want to search your house for more caulking that needs to be done. It's almost too bad that the work is done so easy and so quick. If this gun costs more, especially including shipping, I'm sure it's worth it.

This caulk gun is primarily made of plastic but it is heavy duty and well made. I have no concern about it breaking. The dripless feature works very well, but I have had some minor dripping (nothing like a regular caulking gun, however). It's best to pull the plunger back a little if you're setting the gun down.

Reviews :
 had to write a review on this gun because it turns out to be the best caulk gun I have ever used. If you think all caulk guns are the same you are right. Most of them are crap. Except for this one, and maybe one other one that is imported from England and is very hard to find.

I've gone through dozens of caulk guns, with each one being less than satifactory and then breaking. They just don't do what they are supposed to do and they don't hold up to the abuse of every day use. Metal guns get bent, plastic ones crack, plunger mechanisms and triggers are poorly made etc.

For years I have wondered why nobody makes a decent caulk gun, it is such a simple device how can manufactures keep getting it wrong?

Well, they got it right on this gun. It must be in the spring mechanism because this baby is smooth. The trigger pulls easily even with heavy Butyl caulks, and it really does not drip. It guns very evenly and there is no problem laying a nice even bead without the globs you get from pulling the trigger again. It's made of a tough molded plastic and super light weight. So far been extremely durable too, I've dropped it off ladders several times and it still works fine. Loading and unloading a tube is a no fuss operation, which is one of my biggest peeves with other guns. There is no spring release button, you just pull back on the plunger to remove the tube.

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