Caulk Master PG151 Professional Air Powered Dispensing Gun

Caulk Master PG151 Professional Air Powered Dispensing Gun

Caulk Master Air Powered Dispensing Guns are designed for either the professional user or the DIYer and can dramatically increase your productivity and make it easer for you to produce the perfect caulk bead. Caulk Master air powered dispensing guns give you a level of control simply unattainable with manual guns. The patented trigger mechanism gives you the exact amount of caulk, sealant or adhesive you need, so you can dispense material at a smooth, steady pace. The many users of air powered dispensing guns include construction, automotive, marine and aerospace.
Caulk Master« Air Powered Caulk Dispensing Guns Type: Pneumatic Dispenser Width: 10.5000 In., 4 Length: 22.400 In., 20 For Use With: 10.3 & 30 oz. Cartridges
Caulk Master PG151 Professional Air Powered Dispensing Gun Reviews :
I started using this gun this weekend gluing subflooring down to floor joists on a log home I'm building. I'll admit I was worried after reading some reviews, but it performed remarkably well. I bought it for the log installation, because I'm 62 years old and wasn't looking forward to hand-pumping a bead on each of 33 rows of logs. I was using 30 ounce tubes, and all I had to do different was to add the second supplied rubber gasket to the one already in the gun. I'm happy!
Reviews :
This caulking gun is great. I put 50 + tubes of liquid nail through it and it made my project so much easier. Besides, you can tell your friends you have a caulkmaster and that is just too funny. Great product.

 am one of those people who are just plain bad at caulking, put on about half a tube, and then smear the excess on my pants leg. This product allows me to draw a perfect bead, thin or wide depending on who hard you squeeze the trigger. It's heavyer with the larger tubes but it works great for putting down construction adhesive to lay subflooring. If you have a compressor on the job you need this gun.

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