Caulk Master Professional Air Powered Dispensing Gun

Caulk Master Professional Air Powered Dispensing Gun

* The PG110 dispensing gun will handle any 10.3 oz cartridge.
* Tool comes with a 3 foot air hose and standard fitting to easily connect * to a high-pressure     regulator and air tank or compressor (purchase se[ arately).
* Unique twist lock bayonet barrel mount makes the insertation and removal * of cartridges easy and convenient.
* Comman grip will handle all sealant, caulk and adhesives.

Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or a pro, The Caulk Master PG110 can dramatically increase your productivity and make it easier for you to produce the perfect bead...all while reducing fatigue and the chance of injury. --- The CaulkMaster PG110 air powered dispensing gun gives you a level of control simply unattainable with manual guns. The patented trigger mechanism gives you the exact amount of caulk, sealant, or adhesive you need, so you can dispense material at a smooth, steady pace. Even "weep" at the end of a run is a thing of the past...when you stop squeezing the trigger, the flow stops immediately. --- It's no wonder that demanding industries such as construction, automotive, marine, and aerospace are loyal users of Caulk Master products.

Caulk Master Professional Air Powered Dispensing Gun Reviews :

Like many people, for me, caulking used to rank right up there with root canals.

Manual guns produced results that could best be described as "Pollock-esque". The Black and Decker unit was SLOW, produced an annoying whine/groan/shriek the whole time, ate batteries like some massive battery eating thing, and ... did I mention SLOW? I tried a Kobalt pneumatic unit. The best that could be said is that it was only $28. It was rated at 60 psi, but even at 60 psi, the unit could barely push out a bead of silicone caulk. Oh wait, it did have another redeeming feature, it was over 90 degrees outside and the pressure relief valve produced a powerful cooling breeze even when the compressor was set to produce only 30 psi.

I finally broke down and bought the Caulk Master PG110. I should not have waited. When you press the trigger, you get a perfect bead. When the trigger is released, the caulk stops. So simple, yet apparently so difficult to accomplish.

If you have a compressor and have more than the most minute amount of caulking to do, this is the tool to get.

Reviews :
The "Caulk Master pg110", is an air powered caulking gun that allows cranking up the air pressure to a maximum of 100 p.s.i., much higher than most of the pneumatic caulking guns on the market. The "Caulk Master" is a lighter tool compared to the "Campbell Hausfeld", is nicely machined, has a larger and easier to squeeze trigger, and has a three foot air hose "pigtail" ready to accept a 1/4 quick disconnect coupling. The good news for us is that the "Caulk Master pg110" pushes the heavier 3M Marine Caulking with ease (cranked up to around sixty p.s.i.). The "Caulk Master pg110" was more expensive than the Campbell Hausfeld unit, but hopefully will give many good years of service.

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