Homax 4205 DIY Spray Texture Gun

Homax 4205 DIY Spray Texture Gun                            

  • No compressor required
  • Designed for use with Homax premixed textures, or 3L Hopper #4505P
  • Applies multiple texture patterns and materials
  • Requires no power source to operate
  • Ideal for patch and repair jobs, or small remodels

Homax, Spray Texture Gun, Manually Powered Sprayer To Touch Up & Repair Ceilings, Walls Or Spray, A New Addition, Multiple Nozzle Settings Produce A Variety Of Texture Patterns, Easy Clean Up. Use With Homax Premixed Textures In 3 Liter Hopper, No Compressor Required, Ideal For Multiple Patch & Repair Work, For Spray & Ceiling Textures Refer To True Value #458-059 & #458-067.

Homax 4205 DIY Spray Texture Gun Reviews :

I bought this after having considerably trying results using the Homax aresol cans of knock-down texture. I would rate the aresol cans as a complete design failure and a waste of money, unless you are patching VERY small areas with a fine texture. Though the results of this item were a step up from the aresol cans, I can tell you that the performance left something to be desired. First, the premixed jugs are expensive, and regardless what I did, they seemed consistently 'runny' -- simply too thin if you were doing verticle surfaces. Also, be prepared to get a workout if you need to cover any kind of area (beyond a square foot or two). I found that the unit itself could have used a side handle (light a bigger drill or rotohammer) when plunging the cylinder.

I did get decent results, but after modifying their instructions. You have to be around a foot to a foot and a half away get the texture to make it to the wall, and you must let the texture set-up for about 5 minutes. I found it to work best on the ceiling patches than the wall. Lastly, be prepared by masking off more area than you think, because this thing is messy!! If your going to have to cover more than small patches, strongly consider a air compressor / hopper gun combo. 

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